About Us

Our Mission

Your body, it's health, your mood, energy and ultimately your..."age", are a complex interconnected marvel.  Our mission is to simplify, demystify and connect the dots of the 10 major elements of your health and longevity in a way you can benefit from them.

Phil and Carole

We are not 40 years-old and we didn’t go to Harvard - apologies for that!

We’re sixty and seventy something and have possibly made every mistake in the book concerning health.

We both began optimistically and fanatically in our twenties making healthy life choices.

But along the way, instead of feeling strong, smart and ageless, we’ve frequently felt weak, foolish and very old.

With a collective experience of over 90 years of health knowledge and mistakes, we hope we have something to offer that can benefit others.

In 1992 we opened a boutique personal training studio on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Meeting with older clients on a weekly basis over almost 30 years has provided privileged insight into many people’s health journeys and the challenges presented by the aging process.

Accompanying clients to medical practitioners has helped optimize their outcomes. It has shown us how patients often miss much of what a doctor could teach them if they knew the right questions to ask.

Working with many clients for decades has given us a snapshot of how education and consistency, can shift paradigms and optimize the aging process.

Although our business has gradually morphed into more of a longevity coaching clinic, our exercise studio with regular clients is still in operation. All our equipment was designed and selected specifically for older adults. It is all kind on joints.

Our Vibrogym has been a favourite piece of equipment for over 10 years. It energizes and motivates clients even when the body and mind protests.

All our clients have come to value health information as an integral part of their exercise programs.


Robert, our eldest son, motivated us to share our longevity passion with a wider audience.

Like us, he has long held a keen and very practical interest in all aspects of  health.

His engineering and finance, along with website development and copywriting skills fill much needed gaps.

Robert drives the development, design and marketing engine behind our business.

It all seemed like a no-brainer to him!